Sleep Rituals with our co-founder Kerry Moore

1st February 2023 4 minutes

Sleep Rituals with our co-founder Kerry Moore

1st February 2023   4 minutes


Our co-founder Kerry Moore is a Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist, and it's her deeply intuitive principles that inform our AMLY range, inspiring our approach to how we work and respond to our body’s needs.

Keep reading to hear Kerry’s tips on getting a good nights sleep.

Kerry: Our SLEEP blends have become essentials for so many of our customers. We created them after listening to our friends and family talking about how much they struggled with sleep.

I am lucky as I am usually able to fall into the arms of sleep pretty easily, however, during times of stress my sleep patterns are definitely affected.

I think as we go through different life phases both our sleep patterns and how many hours we need change.

Listening to your body, energy levels and moods can help ‘tune in’ to your needs. If you are feeling a little sleep deprived perhaps it’s time to take steps to help your body better prepare for a healthy night's rest.

Here are a few things I do to help me sleep well.

I try to avoid alcohol close to bedtime and eat my evening meal early to allow time to digest it before sleep.

I keep my mind and bedroom a tech-free space for at least an hour before bed and leave my phone and computer outside the bedroom to keep it a wi-fi-free zone. 

Softening the lead-up to sleep with dimmed lighting and candles helps ease into the night and a dark bedroom encourages melatonin to release which regulates the sleep cycle.

I do a simple meditation before I sleep, a calming visual meditation can be really helpful to soothe the mind and ease tensions. 

Reading (non-stressful material!) and listening to relaxing music will also bring cooling energy into the mind and body to help ease the transition from day into night. 

As much as I love the warmth I lower the temperature in my bedroom to 17 degrees, this allows the body temperature to drop and helps to fall and stay asleep. In the colder weather, I use a hot water bottle to keep my feet warm!

My evening skincare ritual gives me the opportunity to really wind down and as I do it every night my body instantly goes into relaxed mode.

I cleanse with DEEP REVEAL, massaging into my skin and enjoying the blissful scent and texture of the balm. Next, I gently press in a few drops of NOCTURNAL NECTAR, if my skin is a little dry I massage in SLEEP TIGHT. When I have a little more time I use a rose quartz Gua Sha to massage and ease out tension in the muscles.

Before sleep I mist BEAUTY SLEEP liberally onto my face, neck and pillow breathing deeply to allow the calming oils to soothe my senses, release tension, and induce sleep.

I really hope these tips help you drift into the most dreamy sleep. If nothing else you will wake with the softest, smoothest skin and beautifully scented pillows…