Caggie Dunlop

9th February 2024 6 minutes

Caggie Dunlop

9th March 2024   5 minutes

Caggie Dunlop is a leading voice in the realms of personal development and spirituality, with a keen focus on astrology, relationships, identity, creativity and life's purpose. As the driving force and visionary behind the "Saturn Returns Podcast," launched in 2019, she delves deep into the pivotal life milestone of the Saturn Return, which occurs roughly every 29 years. By hosting globally recognised thought leaders and sector specialists, Caggie offers critical insights for those on a path of self-awareness. 

AMLY: Was there anything in particular that inspired you to begin your Saturn Returns podcast?

Caggie: Well I was actually living in LA and someone told me I was on the cusp of my Saturn Return, at this point I had no idea what a Saturn Return even was. So I began to research and really delve into astrology and spiritual practices. It really helped me navigate my way through such a turbulent and transitional time, and I realised there was real value in this, whether you are into astrology or not. I came up with the idea of Saturn Returns as a podcast before the world went into lockdown and it sort of just grew organically from there through word of mouth. Using Astrology as the lens in which to see personal development, Saturn Returns aims to give listeners solstice that they are not alone in their turbulent times of change. I have been very lucky to have had the chance to speak with such amazing industry experts and opinion leaders. Despite being centred around the Astrological Transit known as your Saturn Returns (when the planet Saturn returns to the place in the sky it was when you were born), which happens when you turn 28 - giving your life a shake up and bringing challenges to the forefront; the Podcast has grown into so much more, creating an amazing community which I am so eternally grateful for.

AMLY: Have you always felt drawn to astrology and self exploration?

Caggie: I’ve definitely always been open to spiritual practices and concepts, but it was something I sort of squashed in order to ‘fit in’. Whilst I was living in LA, I felt a big shift between being 26 and 27, not long before my own Saturn Return. Being in LA during this time definitely opened me up to a different sort of language, different practices, different people, different teachers… But I guess that aspect of myself, I kind of hid away because it was seen sort of wacky and woo woo. I started to really explore this side of myself more, and I was learning more about astrology, knowing that I was about to go through my Saturn Return without really knowing really how it was going to impact me and then when I came out the other side, that's when I felt ready to start putting out the Podcast.

AMLY: As a multi-talented creative artist, writer, musician and entrepreneur in what role do you feel most at home or do you feel they all express different aspects of your being?

Caggie: I feel so lucky and grateful for the work I get to do, but life is often so fast paced, and, particularly as a woman, I feel there are so many demands and expectations placed upon us in our 30's. We are supposed to be managing our careers, maintaining great relationships, all while keeping one eye firmly on our biological clock. I've tried really hard to re-programme that dialogue in my head, to be mindful of not echoing the voices of those around me and internalising that pressure. I make space for myself a lot more than I ever did and concentrate on being my own biggest cheerleader. With that being said, I definitely feel most ‘at home’ when I am able to channel my inner creativity, whether that be via poetry or music. That's what really lights me up the most. 

AMLY: What advice would you give to anyone coming up to their Saturn Return?

Caggie: Well firstly, it's not meant to be a scary time, or this thing to fear. Your Saturn Return is all about clarity. Saturn as a plane is associated with karma, with time, discipline and responsibility. People often experience their Saturn return as an initiation into adulthood, some people might feel they have an epiphany about how authentically they have been living up until that point, something that encourages them to make a change, to level up or to take responsibility for something. However, even though Saturn’s arrival can feel like things spinning out of control, when you are out on the other side, you’ll have gained more self-knowledge and confidence as a result. 

Noura Bourini, my friend and contributor to Saturn Returns, breaks down each Saturn Return really nicely like this:

Ages 27–30: It’s time to completely recalibrate and celebrate your free will and divinity. Be a fool in love with your SELF – recognise your right to be here, to live according to your own will and to become the authority, the sovereignty that leads your life.

Ages 55–60: Prepare yourself to answer the question: what is my legacy on earth? How can I further fulfil this legacy and what needs to shift in order for my life to align with it?

Ages 85–90: Start to wonder: how can I further inspire those around me? Who can I teach through my experience? Who is willing to listen and learn? Look around – your wisdom is worth its weight in gold.

AMLY: Where do you feel most at home?

Caggie: Ooo this is such a difficult one, for my entire adult life I have been constantly moving around, jumping from place to place. Up until more recently I never really had a proper ‘base’ you know. When I signed for the flat I have lived in for the last nearing 3 years, it was such a big deal to finally be putting down proper roots somewhere. The flat became my safe place and sanctuary. At the start of this year, I said farewell to it in order to move in with my partner. Which is super exciting but bittersweet, as I would say that it was the place I truly felt most at home in a literal sense. However, through my constant moving I have definitely realised home is really a place within you; a feeling. I feel most at home when I am surrounded by the people I love, or doing the things I love like writing, singing and creating. 

AMLY: What are your hopes and ambitions for the future?

Caggie: As I have touched on already, channelling my inner creativity is when I feel most lit up, celebrating the beauty of evolving, the art of living creatively, and the strength found in facing fears. This year I am super excited to reconnect with the Saturn Returns community. It's the thing I am most proud of and I always find it so inspiring and rewarding. I also wrote and recorded a music project last year, it's something I have been working on behind the scenes for a while now, so watch this space. 

AMLY: Can you tell us a little about your self-care rituals?

Caggie: My go to health ritual is definitely moving my body first thing in the morning, whether that be a pilates class or even just going for a walk in the fresh air. That always sets me up for the day, its so important for me to start the day on the right intention, releasing endorphins and getting my body moving. Getting fresh air and some greenery on the backs of your eyes is the best way to start your day on the right foot. 

AMLY: What are your favourite AMLY products and how do you incorporate them into your everyday rituals?

Caggie: I love having everyday rituals, I like to call them daily disciplines, things that not only make me feel good but ensure I am looking after myself and in a good routine. My biggest thing is looking after the future, nourishing your body with good food and movement. When I first turned 30 I really started embracing the process of ageing. I think it's exciting seeing the character lines appear on someone's face; seeing glimpses of their story in their expressions. That being said, I religiously look after my skin. Everyday without fail spf is a must, as well as ensuring my skin is well moisturised and hydrated. I love AMLY’s City Screen Face Serum for this, it leaves my skin feeling amazing, and looking radiant. When the day is over, my favourite cleanser is AMLY’s Deep Reveal Nourishing Cleansing Balm and Mask. Not only does it smell incredible, it helps me unwind and relax ready for bed, it also keeps my skin hydrated - which is a must.