Field Notes 


Radiance Cleanse

1st July 2024   5 minutes

Field Notes 


Radiance Cleanse

1st July 2024       5 minutes

We loved speaking with Emily Wood from Radiance Cleanse, who share our commitment to organic, high-quality products and sustainable practices. Both brands prioritise the holistic health of our customers and environmental wellbeing, with Radiance keeping juices fresh without pasteurisation or freezing, and AMLY enhancing botanical vitality through regenerative farming. 

Our shared dedication to sustainability comes together through both our use of recyclable materials and efforts to reduce our ecological footprints. Together, we embody a holistic approach to wellness, promoting a balanced lifestyle and deep respect for nature.

We love your brand and ethos of ‘we are here to help you rest, refuel and

reset’ Tell us a bit about what inspired the founders to start Radiance and how has your personal journey influenced the development and philosophy of Radiance?

Radiance was founded in 2009 by two best friends, Clare and Christina. They brought together a professional and personal passion for the huge benefits of juice cleansing. As a former City lawyer turned nutritional therapist, Christina advised Clare to go on a juice cleanse retreat to begin to deal with a debilitating stomach condition and the effects of burnout in her fast-paced job in Finance. After that first inspiring week, Clare realised a change of career path was inevitable as she became convinced of the power of juicing and nutrition for wellbeing and long term health. 

We love the quality and purity of the ingredients used in your juices, why is the commitment to organic produce so important to you?

We only believe in creating the highest quality, raw and unpasteurised, cold-pressed juices from fresh organic ingredients. We have committed to using organic as we believe this is a better choice for our bodies and for the environment. There is a lot of confusion today about what makes a product organic. The phrase ‘we use organic where possible’ can be misleading and an attempt to persuade consumers to think products are better than they are. So who and what to trust? It’s easy - just look for the Soil Association seal, which represents the highest organic standards to date. This is your best assurance that what is in the bottle is safe and healthy for your body and our environment. Radiance is the first Soil Association certified Organic juice cleanse available in the UK.

What advice would you give to someone who is new to juice cleansing and considering starting with Radiance?

For a first-time client, we recommend speaking with us first as we are always here to guide you in choosing the right cleanse and can also answer any questions. 

Choose the time of your cleanse wisely – make sure you don’t have a hectic work schedule or social diary. Making sure you have time to relax and recharge is key. Prepare for your cleanse for a few days beforehand by making changes to your diet, such as reducing wheat, dairy, meat and alcohol. The more time you spend doing this the easier your cleanse should be. This is most important with caffeine, as caffeine withdrawal sometimes leads to headaches. Reducing it gradually should prevent this. Many people new to cleansing are worried that they’ll feel hungry. Often clients tell us that they can’t manage to finish all the juices as they feel so full! However, even the ones who do feel a bit hungry (often as they’re still training or rushing around) manage as we advise them to add in some unsalted nuts, raw veg, avocado or berries. Cleansing isn’t a punishment, and we always say to do what works best for you! 

What does natural beauty mean to you?

Natural beauty to me means appreciating the authentic, unfiltered essence of an individual. It is the glow of confidence that comes from being comfortable in your own skin and the unique features that set each person apart. Natural beauty celebrates the inner qualities of kindness that can then radiate outward to a genuine smile. 

Can you tell us a little about your self-care rituals?

My self-care rituals are centred around creating moments of peace and rejuvenation in my daily life. I go for a twenty-minute walk every lunch break with my sister who is also part of the Radiance team, it gives my mind a rest whilst energising my body. I take a shot of Symprove daily and drink our Radiance juices regularly to help my gut health. Limiting screen time is also important to me and I tend to put my phone down at least one hour before bed. 

Finally, which are your favourite AMLY products and how do you include them in your everyday rituals?

I adore the Radiance Boost Face Mist from AMLY because it instantly revitalises my skin, leaving me refreshed and glowing. The natural botanical ingredients make my skincare routine feel truly luxurious. I also enjoy spritzing it on the go for a quick refresh and always keep a mini in my handbag. The AMLY Day Light face oil is also a favourite of mine; it feels nourishing yet lightweight and truly makes me feel radiant!

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