Hydration v Moisture: What does your skin need?

15th March 2023  3 minutes

Hydration v Moisture: What does your skin need?

15th March 2023   3 minutes


Hydration and moisture are both vital to keep our skin healthy, and our complexion glowing. They may look and feel similar but are distinct skin care needs and need to be addressed in different ways. 

To keep it simple, dry skin is due to a lack of oil, while dehydrated skin is a lack of water. Learning to identify this difference is crucial for a healthy glow. 

How can you identify Dry or Dehydrated skin?

The texture of your skin will reveal whether your skin is dry or dehydrated.

Dehydrated skin can appear dull and feels taut, whilst dry skin can be flaky, red and irritated.

How do you care for Dry and Dehydrated skin?

To replenish dehydrated skin we need water-based products like facial mists and essences. As a general rule we use our hydrating products post-cleanse and before the moisturising layer. 

To add moisture, revive dry skin, protect the skin barrier and lock in hydration we need oils, balms and creams. Moisturising ingredients will help prevent water escaping.


Which AMLY rituals can help?

We can create a bespoke prescription of hydration and moisture depending on how your skin is behaving at the time.

For example if your skin is particularly dehydrated due to either internal or external circumstances, you can use RADIANCE BOOST followed by MEADOW DEW then use the mist throughout the day to keep hydration levels up.

If your skin is feeling dry and lifeless, using an essence first will naturally exfoliate dead skin cells and help prepare the skin to receive the moisture layer.

Try our DAY LIGHT FACE OIL during the day then use a nourishing balm like SLEEP TIGHT as your final layer in the evening. A replenishing balm mask like DEEP REVEAL used weekly will keep you glowing.

Make sure you work each product into the skin then wait a minute or so before applying the next layer to fully allow your skin to absorb each product.