Laura Dodd Founder of 'The Yoga Class'

2nd April 2024

Laura Dodd Founder of
'The Yoga Class'

2nd April 2024

Laura Dodd, founder of The Yoga Class, brings a harmonious blend of ancient wisdom and mindful practice to modern wellness. Her approach, rooted in nurturing the mind, body, and spirit, offers a refined sanctuary for personal growth and balance. Laura’s commitment to gentle yet powerful teachings makes her a guiding light in the journey of yoga and mindfulness.

1. Laura we love your philosophy of ‘holistic wellness’ it truly resonates with us. Where do you think your passion for healthy living comes from?

My passion for healthy living definitely comes from my Mum; she has always inspired me as is a true advocate for holistic wellbeing habits. Some of her rituals include yoga (which she has always practiced for as long as I can remember), meditation, healthy eating, and excellent skin care routines. Her mantra is moderation in all things, and I have definitely adopted this balanced approach to life and wellbeing.

2. We hear how many people in the fashion industry develop 'unhealthy’ habits to cope with the stresses, how did you keep healthy and balanced during that period?

I was a model for many years, and it very much affects self-confidence, as you are judged purely on the way you look and can be highly criticised. However, now in my late 30s, a yoga teacher, a brand founder, and building a community- in many senses -with The Yoga Class, has brought me a feeling of wellbeing that transcends the way that I look. I think we all must look after our physical, mental, and spiritual health as best we can at any given time. Yoga was key for me during this period and helped me stay balanced and well.

3. As a mother and a business woman what would you like to have had available to support you on that path?

The Yoga Class was born from this idea! The idea that people with busy schedules, perhaps people who travel a lot, or are at home with children, still need to have an accessible way to support their wellbeing. The Yoga Class is all about short format (10-45 min) yoga, Pilates, and meditation, sessions that are enjoyable, effective and sustainable, anytime anywhere.

We have so many working parents within our community, as the App is a perfect place to fit in self-care, whilst juggling a hectic schedule. I use it consistently myself, as there is always a class for however, I am feeling on a particular day.

4. It is so good to see Face Yoga included on your app, working the facial muscles is so important right? What are your priorities when it comes to looking after your skin?

My belief is that you need to be as natural with what use on your skin as possible, as well as remembering that your skin is only reflecting what is going on inside the body. I have always been disciplined about cleansing and moisturising my skin with natural products, eating a nutrient dense natural diet, getting enough sleep, and drinking lot of water! I am really into Face yoga as it is a truly natural way to improve and reduce signs of ageing, boost confidence and incorporate a quick morning mind-body practice into my routine.

5. You go to some incredible places for your retreats, what do you think makes that time so special for your clients and do you think those precious self-care habits can be brought back into our everyday rituals?

100%! I have so many of clients return from retreat and say that they feel inspired and reset to focus more on their personal wellbeing. I carefully plan and curate each retreat to include an incredible location, lots of time in nature through hiking, wild swimming or boat trips, a blend of holistic practices, such as yoga, Pilates, ayurveda, breath-work, sound meditation, water therapy and treatments, and of course a beautifully designed menu. There are always little extras added in too making it super special for our guests.

6. Can you give us one top tip that you would recommend we do everyday? Hopefully to keep us fit/supple/toned!

One of the reasons I love low-impact movement so much is that it is easier to be able to be more consistent and there is less need for rest days. Low-impact movement such as yoga and pilates connects our mind and body, boosts our energy; lifts our mood; reduces stress on our muscles, tendons and joints and therefore lessens our risk for injury. An increased heart rate will provide cardiovascular and aerobic benefits in an ideal ‘fat-burning’ zone. Plus there’s enormous capacity to improve strength, mobility, flexibility, and balance.

7. Finally, what are your favourite AMLY blends and how do you incorporate them into your daily rituals?

The AMLY products are just a dream! I am completely in love with Day Light Face Oil which I use after face yoga and my LED light therapy in the mornings; the Sleep Tight Balm which is perfect for some relaxing evening facial massage and is really nourishing; the Cocoon Me Hair Oil which is honestly one of the only hair oils that diminishes the natural frizz I have in my hair while protecting it from heat. I also love the Digital Detox Face Mist which smells amazing as well as counteracting the effects of digital pollution.