3rd February 2022 9 minutes


3rd February 2022   9 minutes


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Shared Wisdom is a series of conversations to inspire and guide our AMLY community; we invite you to listen to conversations with some of our friends and ambassadors, their personal beauty experience alongside wellness and lifestyle advice.

These discussions aim to encourage and help us to discover ways to help improve our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

In 2014, singer songwriter, Tom Sanderson, lost his father. Engulfed by grief, and following a lifetime of trying to make his mark within the music industry, he decided to change his trajectory and find a new focus. At that time, and perhaps somewhat fortuitously, Tom’s beloved french belt of 30 years fell apart. He quickly came to the conclusion that while people didn’t necessarily need guitar music in their lives, “they did need to keep their trousers up!”.

Tom takes inspiration from the things he loves; from the intricate details on his 1960’s brass buttons, to the sweet-scent of cut hawthorn hedges and the plants he grows in his garden that are close to his heart. Tom has an ability to blend the calming sense of nature with the artist flowing through him.

AMLY: Tell us about your journey to create Hawkmoth leather Co.

Tom: In 2014 My Father had just died, of whom I was very close to. I was engulfed in grief and wanting a change In direction and a new focus in my life. After many years attempting to make progress with my musical career, I came to the conclusion that not many people needed off kilter, finger picking, guitar instrumentals In their lives, but they did need to keep their trousers up! It was around this time that my beloved French belt had finally fallen apart, so I looked to find a replacement. I found nothing that I thought was particularly well made, or appealing to me from a design perspective. It was all rather frustrating, so I thought, I’d learn how to make one myself. Luckily, I happened to know one of the best leatherworkers in the world, who, with some gentle arm bending, agreed to teach me the ways of leather.

AMLY: Heritage , Tradition and craftsmanship are at the heart of what you do, how much does your environment inspire you?

Tom: From the 1937 type B-3 flying jacket draped over my study door, to the beautifully designed arts&crafts fender in front of the woodburner, to the fine details on some 1960’s brass buttons I have, to the Spitfires that regularly fly over my house, to the hawthorn hedges I see that are traditionally cut by local Hedge-layers, to the 70 year old French postal bag that is still going strong, to the 200 year old grandfather clock that still keeps its time. I truly get great inspiration from so many things that I’m lucky enough to be surrounded by. 

AMLY: What does the word Holistic mean to you?

Tom: I can’t but help to think of the word Holistic within the context of health; rather than treating a particular symptom with a medical bandaid, A Holistic approach would be to treat the body as a whole, to enable a cure of the root cause of the problem. This, I imagine, could involve multiple therapeutic measures. 

AMLY: Do you think there are any benefits to working with your hands and being mindful of the process?

Tom: There is a certain tactile satisfaction that comes with the territory. Also, times where I get lost in the process and I am very much in the moment. I do very much think about the customer as I’m making their chosen item. I hope that somehow comes across to them when they’re wearing it. 

AMLY: What’s the one thing (product / routine / process) you can’t live without?

Tom: I don’t think I could get through a day in the studio without listening to some music; Most days I need a boost at some point. I nearly always listen to an album from start to finish (sometimes twice ).

AMLY: Mental Health: How important is it to look after our own, and what do you employ to protect and balance it ? 

Tom: It is without doubt of great importance . I suppose I don’t really do anything on a conscious level to protect my mental health . I do surround myself by things I love ; my family , a lot of laughter , nature , music, beautiful things and interactions with fellow human beings . I’m lucky to have these things and I’m very aware life is Fleeting and precious.

AMLY: Do you have a skincare routine? What are your favourite AMLY products and why? 

Tom: I’ve never ever put anything on my skin until I started using AMLY’s extraordinary products. I have to say , I had no idea that my face would literally go from looking like an old piece of leather, to feeling like it had drank the sweetest of nectar.

I had literally no concept of how a skin could feel so refreshed and, to be honest, thankful for some love and attention, until I started regularly using City Screen.

I am also a covert to the almost nirvana like state I enter when I apply the Deep Reveal Nourishing Cleansing Balm and Mask; I’m the antithesis of a metrosexual man, yet I am absolutely ready , willing and able to give my face some well earned R&R with this; My face felt cool and warm, all at the same time. Then when the paste is removed, it feels like I have a gentle glow of health radiating from my cheeks and forehead. Again, I had no idea that skin could feel like this.


I can see from the ingredients that go into AMLY products, not only are they of the highest quality and all natural but they are made with so much care, thought and intention. As someone who actually reads the ingredients of everything I buy that goes into my mouth, I take what goes ON to my body very seriously Indeed; I love the fact that so many of AMLY’s ingredients are all around me and very close to my heart; flowers and plants I specifically grow in my own garden for the wildlife and my pleasure, is now ancient, botanical wisdom in a pot, I’m lucky enough to be able to use on my skin. I’m genuinely thrilled to have discovered AMLY, a wildflower meadow of a product.

I’ve gone from having a rather sparse looking top of my chest of draws to, a plethora of skin nourishing AMLY products sitting there, gently, reminding me to take care of my now not so leather boat race.


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