7th June 2022 7 minutes


7th June 2022   7 minutes


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The Edit is a series of conversations to inspire and guide our AMLY community; we invite you to listen to conversations with some of our friends and ambassadors, their personal beauty experience alongside wellness and lifestyle advice. These discussions aim to encourage and help us to discover ways to help improve our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

This week marks the start of Women Artists’ Art Week in London, an initiative founded by Catherine Hunt, lawyer and artist. In today’s conversation, Kerry and Lisa sat down with Catherine to speak about her experience, her artist’s journey and the impact that art has on her everyday life.

AMLY: What does art mean to you?

Catherine: Art means everything to me. From an early age I’ve drawn, painted, hauled friends to galleries – it’s in my soul. It’s the way I meditate and find inner peace just as others read, practice yoga or pray. Now, I mainly draw flowers for friends and family but historically I would paint in a surrealist fashion. I believe art is a fundamental aspect of our world. It brings so much joy and is a beautiful form of education. Since art can be anything from a painting or illustration to a spoken word or form of dance, there is something in art for everyone. Art in all these varied forms gives me a sense of release, to take a breath from the world around me and focus on being at one with my work.

AMLY: Tell us how you came to be a founder of YPC at the V&A and how it has influenced you.

Catherine: The Victoria and Albert Museum plays a huge role in my life. It’s a haven in a busy city and means a great deal to so many.

I was always involved in the museum thanks to my family but became more involved when I moved back from New York. Comparatively, stateside, there were more cultural and younger patrons’ groups – a small group of like minded passionate individuals in their twenties and thirties. Since then, an incredible director was appointed in the UK to create something similar and has worked to inject some fresh life into the magnificent old walls. The group is now 200 strong.

Our aim was to support institutions which have influenced the likes of Alexander McQueen, Andrew Bolton, Tim Walker and Rudyard Kipling. We opened up the archives and gave candle lit tours. It’s been such a beautiful seven year journey and those who have joined have become extremely fond of the group. My tenure as chair has now come to an end so I will be less involved in the programming but I will always encourage others to visit and support my beloved V&A.

AMLY: Who are your biggest influences in art?

Catherine: I hate to sound cliché, but without a doubt in my formative years it was Salvador Dali. His work was in a family friend’s home and I can only compare it to a dream. I also spent a lot of time in Spain so saw a great deal of his art in-person. I’m drawn to his attention to detail. In more recent years Tracey Emin has been a significant influence who I’m lucky enough to have met a few times and own some of her work. She really is an intellectual force and incredibly inspiring with her generosity. Obviously, I’m partial to the odd Klimt in Vienna and Monet when in France!

AMLY: Where do you find inspiration in your life?

Catherine: My friends and nature. They go hand-in-hand for me. Preferably together, but I’m eternally grateful for the beautiful, kind and loving people in my life. I appreciate how blessed we are to live in England’s green and pleasant land. I treasure them both and take neither for granted.

AMLY: How important do you think art is in today’s world?

Catherine: Art plays an extremely important role, especially now that we can share so much on social media. It is good to be present, but it’s also fantastic that people were able to have virtual tours of museums in different countries during lock-down.

AMLY: What is your favourite medium or way of creating?

Catherine: Very simply, I love pencil crayon as I’m all about capturing colour. I can easily travel with my little Anya Hindmarch pencil case! Some of my best work has actually been on long haul flights which wouldn’t have been conducive to an easel and paintbrush!

AMLY: What are your favourite AMLY products and how do you incorporate them into your daily ritual?

Catherine: My days can be intense, so City Screen Serum for me is essential. At bedtime, I like to use Beauty Sleep Face Mist followed by Sleep Tight. I have a slight obsession with the smell and texture of it. Sleep Tight puts me in a beautiful, calm state. Honestly, I love every product I’ve tried, I feel so pampered and the packaging is very elegant.


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