10th July 2023 3 minutes


10th July 2023   3 minutes


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Brand founder Emma Milne-Watson has had an incredible career in both fashion and interiors. However, it was during the pandemic that she turned her creative energy to jewellery, rediscovering her bead collection in the attic and, with the help of her daughter, began making necklaces.

They are now extremely coveted pieces, made using glass beads, vintage beads and semi precious stones with gold filled clasps and findings. Each piece is crafted by hand and made to be worn and cherished for a lifetime.

AMLY: Can you tell us a little about how Milne Watson came to be?

Emma: Milne Watson was born from lockdown. Endless hours of home schooling with my son needed to be interrupted with being creative and my daughter and I found in the loft boxes of beads from mine and their childhood. We decided to make necklaces and raise money for the charity 'Refuge' during a time when domestic violence within the home soared.

AMLY: We love your use of colour and the combinations you create. What inspires your palettes?

Emma: Flowers and nature really is my main inspiration for colour. Art also plays a huge part. I am a book collector and so there is always plenty of places to look within the pages.

AMLY: Do you find the process of making the necklaces meditative?

Emma: Absolutely. The process of threading the beads and choosing colours etc is very a form of escapism and exploration.

AMLY: Who would be the person you would most love to see wearing your jewellery?

Emma: Well I love seeing my jewellery being worn on the people I love. I wouldn’t mind Timothee chalamet, Margot Robbie.

AMLY: As a stylist and designer what are the most important things you look for when you are buying?

Emma: Quality, and longevity. I’m not really a trend buyer.

AMLY: How do you incorporate well-being/self care practices into your everyday life.

Emma: I have a strict rule that every Friday is ‘my reset grounding’ day. I have an hours yoga followed by acupuncture then a trip to my favourite farm shop. I try to use my dermolux  infrared treatment 3/4 times a week. Plus I have an amazing travelling beauty therapist who comes and takes care of my over worn hands and feet.

AMLY: What advice would you give your daughter you wish you had been given when you were younger (life, style and or beauty!)

Emma: Wash your face everyday with water and a flannel. Use Spf 50, don’t pick your fingers as you will always regret it (my worst habit, hence my amazing Sam beautician).

Try not to follow the fashion trends but have your own take on what is relevant of the time. Always have a few good white shirts and clean hair.

AMLY: What are your favourite AMLY products and how do you use them in your beauty rituals?

Emma: I love the Radiance Boost silver face mist and Beauty Sleep night mist, my everyday essentials.

The new Fresh Faced enzyme cleanser is amazing as well as the Sleep Tight night balm.


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