THE EDIT WITH Saskia Marjoram

20th April 2023 3 minutes

The Edit with Saskia Marjoram

20th April 2023   3 minutes


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“Plants can teach us everything. We just need to take the time to listen to them.” - Saskia Marjoram

Saskia started using flower essences when her children were having problems at school. Her relationship with their father was in crisis and she was running three jobs at once which included being assistant florist for HRH Prince of Wales, continuing as a professional gardener and running her own floristry business. Like many other mother’s she was hitting the ground running first thing in the morning and not stopping until bedtime. She was exhausted and something had to change. This was when a friend introduced her to Australian Bush Essences. 

Saskia began taking the essences twice a day and she found that the changes happened almost immediately, however she has no relationship with the plants and couldn’t understand why they did what they did. So, Saskia decided to make her own plants in her back garden. Nearly 20 years later and having travelled down a very winding road, Saskia continues to work on her essences full time in a thriving business.

AMLY: What do you think working with plants can teach us in life?

Saskia: Plants can teach us everything. We just need to take the time to listen to them. They

are masters of being true to themselves, living in community and letting go at the right time. They give their healing and lessons without expectation and with such generous and gentle compassion. They are always there to heal our wounds whether emotionally, spiritually or physically and show us the way back to ourselves with such a deep understanding.

AMLY: How do you think hydrosols help when included in skincare and do you think we can get a sense of their incredible vibration?

For our readers, hydrosols are the homeopathic version of essential oils made from the distillation of fresh flowers, leaves, fruits and other plant materials. They act in a more subtle way but can also have a profound effect. When we refer to vibration, we mean ‘vibrational medicine’ which aims to bring the body back into balance.

Saskia: One of the things I love about AMLY products, especially the mists, is their high clear vibration that comes through every time I use them and I’m sure this is because of the hydrosols and the purity of the ingredients. Having distilled and worked with my own hydrosols for more than seven years now, I know just how special these liquids are. Not only for your skin and as a medicine but also because of their energetic properties which only seem to get stronger through the distilling process. 

AMLY: Do you have a favourite essence, why do you love it?

Saskia: Probably Potentilla (Potentilla sterilis) is my favourite essence. This is in our “Sexy and Gorgeous” blend. It is the most beautiful tiny flower that lives at the edges of woodlands and looks like a wild strawberry flower with white heart shaped petals surrounding a green five pointed star. It reminds us of how beautiful and special we are in an understated way. For me, using this essence was literally life changing and was the beginning of my blossoming. Long held patterns can take a bit of shifting and occasionally I still need to be reminded of how gorgeous I am. This is where Potentilla comes in.

AMLY: Do you feel connected with the feminine energy of ancient herbal medicine?

Saskia: When you work with plants for healing, at any level, it’s hard not to be aware of the lineage of (mostly female) healers behind you. In saying that, it is the wisdom of the plants themselves that I feel the connection with.

AMLY: What does your daily routine look like?

Saskia: I’m not a fan of the restrictions of routine and I like to change things around as much as I can but these days my mornings are mostly taken up with running the business - answering emails, marketing, ordering, packing online orders and talking to people who come into my shop about which essences they need. In the afternoons I’m available to see people for flower essence consultations either in person or via Zoom. This is the absolute best part as the magic that happens when people and plants meet. It is a constant joy and the changes that happen for people are incredible.

AMLY: What are your favourite AMLY products and how do you incorporate them into your daily rituals? 

Saskia: For a long time now I have been a massive fan of Radiance Boost Face Mist, not only because its effects can be seen immediately, but also because of its high energy. It always makes me feel so good. Lately I’ve been using Meadow Dew Bio-Fermented Facial Essence on top of Radiance Boost and my skin LOVES it! Also, the name connects me to all of the meadows I’ve spent time with so just imagining it to be real meadow dew makes me smile. I use both of these in the morning followed by a face oil, and then take several drops of our Living Life Lightly essence blend. Then, as a person with coarse, trying-to-be-curly hair, discovering the Cocoon Me oil was game-changing. I’ve used a lot of different hair oils over the years but this is genuinely the best I’ve tried – light, not sticky and very curl defining. It smells great too. I’m then set up for the day. 


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