16th January 2022 1 minute


16th January 2022   1 minutes

Welcome to 2022 and mid-winter. It’s the time of year the skin starts to look lacklustre and dull. January should be about self-care and nourishment inside and out!

Keep yourself hydrated by consuming an abundance of hot water and lemon in your favourite mug throughout the day. It will help boost a sluggish system and support detoxification. Another tip is dry skin brushing with brisk upward strokes towards the heart. Aim to incorporate this into your day and preferably within the first 15-minutes of waking up to kickstart the lymphatic system and remove dead skin cells that hinder the absorption of your oils and lotions.


After taking a warm shower, try blasting on the cold all over the body to pep up circulation and remove waste products such as lactic acid that can build up when exercising. The effects of cold water on your skin and nerve endings can also create a mood boost and improve the immune system due to the release of more white blood cells. It may be an idea to have your hot water and lemon ready post-shower!

End your shower ceremony with AMLY’s incredible Cocoon Me Replenishing Hair & Body Oil. A medley of organic and wild-crafted flowers with nourishing plant oils deliver a lustrous and fortifying multi-use body and hair oil that generously softens and hydrates, combatting winter dryness.

Your Skin Whisperer,

Carley Harrison