Your Guide to a Natural Facelift

16th April 2024   5 minutes

Your Guide to 

Natural Facelift

16th April 2024       5 minutes

Discover the magic of Sleep Tight for an at-home natural facelift. This massage ritual softens fine lines, boosts firmness, and sculpts cheekbones to perfection!

With its soothing aromas, Sleep Tight transcends mere skincare—it transforms your routine into a serene, holistic experience.

Massage Preparation:

Cleanse your face: Begin with Deep Reveal Cleansing Balm to thoroughly purify your skin.


Prepare & apply: Warm a small amount of Sleep Tight Balm between your palms to enhance spreadability. Gently massage evenly onto your face.


Massage Techniques:

Use both hands, massaging symmetrically. Repeat each step five to eight times before moving to the next.

Jawline: Position your index finger above and thumb below the jawline at the chin. Gently pinch, then firmly glide your finger and thumb towards your earlobes. Conclude with small circular massages at the jaw joints to relieve tension.

Mouth: Begin at the corners of the mouth, gliding firmly outward with your fingertips towards your earlobes.

Cheeks: Place each hand on each cheek right below the bone. Using the tips of the fingers, press upwards toward the cheekbone.

Eyebrows: Lift and lightly pinch the eyebrow, starting from the inner brow and moving outwards.

Eyes: Keeping your eyes closed, use your ring finger to massage the eye-socket bones moving from the outer edges towards the bridge of the nose.

Forehead: Using alternate palms, firmly sweep upwards over the forehead. Then, press your fingers to the centre of your forehead for three seconds before slowly pulling them to the right and left toward your temples. Finish with a firm pressure at the temples.


Ending the Ritual:

Absorb and calm: Conclude your massage by covering your face with your palms, taking a deep breath in, and slowly exhaling. This helps the skin absorb the balm and calms your mind.

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