Emma Massingham - Lead Facialist and Training Instructor for the 

AMLY Facial Ritual - 'REAWAKEN'

9th February 2024 6 minutes

Field Notes


Emma Massingham

6th February 2024   6 minutes

We are delighted to introduce you to Emma Massingham, Lead Facialist and Training Instructor for the AMLY Facial Ritual.

Emma is a bodyworker, holistic facialist, reflexologist and yoga teacher, with over 25 years experience in her field. She has completed trainings in a multitude of

disciplines and draws on this wealth of knowledge and experience to create deeply restorative treatments and rituals.

We spoke to her to find out more about both her personal and professional wellbeing philosophy and to get a little insider info on our new facial ritual .

1) Tell us a little about your journey to becoming a holistic practitioner.

I trained as a Holistic Massage Therapist 25 years ago and have been fascinated in holistic practice ever since. After training in a wide range of holistic practices, I became deeply interested in exploring the human form as a whole and the connection this creates to ourselves and the world/nature that surrounds us, there is no separation. My client's response to this work was always deeply grounding and allowed healing, transformation, deep connection and relaxation.

In more recent years this passion has focused on the face, I see the face as the flower at the end of the stem (body). The face tells the story of what is happening within the body and reflects what is going on internally, both physically and emotionally.

I have developed my own unique way of working on the face combining all of my learnings. This involves working with the face to access the body as a whole, working on the meridians and acupressure points, sculpting/lifting the face using massage techniques with an anatomical understanding of the muscles of the face, the lymphatic and fascial systems. I use ancient methods such as Gua Sha, facial cupping and dry skin face brushing to aid this process.  

I trained as a seasonal yoga teacher in 2019 which deepened my interest and knowledge in Chinese Medicine and the 5 elements, which I incorporate into all of my treatments. Each session with me is more than a treatment, it is a ritual and I am passionate about creating meaningful rituals!

2) Have you always been interested in skincare and when did you first begin to use and work

with more natural, botanical based products?

As a child I was exposed to alternative and natural therapies which ignited my love and passion for holistic living. When I trained as a therapist I became fastidious about the products I used on my clients, from the oils I burn in my treatment space to the products I use on my clients skin, I sought out the most natural, organic products. I always test any products I use on myself first, as I like to form a relationship and gain a deeper understanding of each product, giving it life and meaning.

In more recent years I’ve suffered from a few skin issues. I became more aware of makers who use locally sourced plants, botanicals and herbs that are indigenous to my land. This shift of perspective completely changed how I treated myself and my clients. I could see how dramatic the results were using these natural, potent products, how it felt to use them and how good it felt to know their provenance. I became accountable in all areas of my practice and I now know exactly how and where my products are produced, packaged and transported. It feels good knowing that I am supporting local business and the ecosystem

around me.

3)Who has been your biggest inspiration throughout your years of training?

Oh Gosh this is a hard question! So many people have inspired me over the years. Sue Woodd, my seasonal yoga teacher, is a wonderful wise sage, who I return to for learning all the time, Clive Witham, an expert in Gua Sha, is full of ancient Chinese wisdom. 

I also love the ritual wisdom of Isla Macleod whose book Rituals for Life is a bible of mine. I use instagram as a source to connect with other therapists all over the world. 

There are so many people that have touched and inspired me over the years but the biggest inspiration for me is always nature.

4) Describe the daily practices you incorporate to keep you healthy and balanced.

I love to move my body. Yoga, walking and dancing are my favourites. I try to move at least 5 times a week and go outside for a walk everyday with my fur baby Bear, as well as incorporating meditation and breathing as often as I can. I've recently discovered Wim Hoff Breathwork and with cold showers and regular saunas this keeps me balanced and healthy.

I have my morning ritual of lemon water with a dash of apple cider vinegar and always finish

the day with a mini ritual, a deep cleanse with Deep Reveal Cleansing Balm and a facial massage, Gua sha, cupping, dry skin brushing, a long hot bath with essential oils, candles, and plenty of sleep. I love being in bed by 9.30 during the week!

5) How much does nature and its rhythms influence you?

I am fascinated with how the seasons and nature influence me. We are not separate, we are nature. 

If we look to nature we can always find these rhythms within us.

I use the seasons as a guide and follow their lead with regard to how I should be exercising, eating, sleeping and my spiritual practice. I find nature my biggest support system.

I studied seasonal yoga, learning about 5 elements. Each season is associated with different organs, meridians of the body and different seasonal elements. I find when I follow these rhythms I come into balance in mind, body and soul. Following the seasonal and moon rhythms gives me a structure to work within, creating purpose and connection to something

greater than myself. I love seasonal rituals that create a rhythm for the year, from winter solstice to summer solstice and all the magic in between.

6) You worked with our co-founder to create the newly launched AMLY Facial Ritual -

ReAwaken, how long did it take to create and what do you feel makes it such a unique and

special treatment?

I have been working alongside the wonderful and talented Kerry for a number of years perfecting the Amly ritual. In the last year we have really focused on a ritual that we believe stands out from other facial protocols as it fully engages our senses and includes therapeutic knowledge that goes far deeper than just the skin.

The intention of the ritual is set at the beginning with breathwork, allowing the client to calm

and connect with their body, the cranial holding of the head brings their whole being into a state of deep relaxation.

The scent profile of the products takes you straight to the hedgerows and flower meadows of

the English countryside and the fine quality of the botanical ingredients leaves your skin glowing and bright.

The deep sculpting/lifting massage and ancient Gua Sha work lifts and works into the

acupressure points and meridians of the face, which means we can access the whole body holistically.

You will leave after one of our facial rituals feeling completely rejuvenated, held and


7) What advice would you give to someone who wanted to create their personal, holistic skincare routine.

Start every routine/ritual with an intention of taking time for yourself, this can be as simple as

taking a deep breath, closing your eyes and inhaling an essential oil.

Bedtime rituals are a good place to start, taking time to slow down and prepare for sleep.

Find the products that bring joy when you use them, you are much more likely to create a

regular routine if you look forward to the feel and scent of a product. The AMLY facial is a great introduction to the products and I am always happy to take time to work out which products will work best for each individual.

8) What are your favourite AMLY blends and how do you incorporate them into your daily


My 3 all time favourite AMLY products, although it's hard to choose as I love the whole range.

My No 1 has to be the Deep Reveal Cleansing Balm, I use it every night, deeply massaging

it into my face, it's 39;s amazing at removing makeup as it doesn't sting your eyes, just melts it away, leaving your skin clean, soft and nourished, I also use it as a treatment mask 2-3 times a week whilst taking a hot bath, sometimes I leave it on all night if my skin is particularly dry, especially in the winter months!

After my cleanse I apply Meadow Dew Facial Essence, a delicate but truly potent power house of a product. It asks to be gently patted with the fingertips into the face, it feels cooling and nourishing and creates the perfect base for layering on other products.

At night I use Sleep Tight Balm all over my face, this product, like most AMLY blends, is multi-functional and can be used during the day if your skin needs a little extra TLC, or as a

balm for dry areas, cuticles etc. You only need a tiny bit, so it lasts for ages too.