13th March 2023 7 minutes

The Edit with Olivia Harrison

13th March 2023   7 minutes


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When it comes to remembering and celebrating love, nothing beats poetry to capture these stories. We have been reading Olivia Harrison’s poetry collection, “Came The Lightening” which is a powerful dive into the heart of love, loss, grief and the flow of time. A body of work that has enabled Olivia to find herself again, and a beautiful homage to George Harrison, the former Beatle and her husband of 23 years. 

We caught up with Olivia to talk poetry, love, tequila and self-care.

AMLY: We adore your beautiful new book of poetry ‘Came the Lightening’! The feeling running through the poems is how deeply you and George connected with nature. Has this always been present for you, or did you find that connection through your relationship with the land at Friar Park?

Olivia: I was raised in southern California so my connection to nature was the sand and sea. It was an entirely different colour palette. When I moved to the English countryside, as I say in one of my poems, I began to watch the colour wheel spin.

AMLY: You have a myriad of working roles, including writer, producer, businesswoman and executive in several charities: Do you feel that things have changed for women?

Olivia: Attitudes towards women are changing faster in some countries than others. From brutal misogyny and violence to the overdue championing and recognition of women in every role. Yet somehow a man’s voice still seems to have more effect than a woman’s. 

AMLY:  Which of your senses do you get the most inspiration from?

Olivia: I am a visual person. Colour and order are very important to me and I have an extremely, sometimes annoyingly, sensitive sense of smell. I cannot bear synthetics. I can smell them 2 floors up! The smell of synthetic lavender, lime or lemon literally agitate me which is why I love Amly. 

AMLY: Share with us the self-care rituals that help to keep you well amidst your busy life? 

Olivia: Besides caffeine & tequila? I have made a vow to drink more water and I am sticking to that. Part of my daily ritual is to take a break in my activity every 20 to 30 minutes, even if it’s just a 5-minute walk or a change of subject, that combined with a spray of RADIANCE BOOST or DIGITAL DETOX mist really helps to shift my mindset and renew my creativity. Then I return to what I was working on. 

I end the day with Amly’s SLEEP TIGHT BALM. I haven’t found anything more nourishing or replenishing.

AMLY: Do you find writing poetry a form of meditation?

Olivia: I think that the word meditation has become generic and I feel we’ve lost its true meaning. Meditation is meditation. But writing, like painting, or skiing, or walking enables us to focus to a point where we can transcend a hundred other thoughts. For me poetry is a result of meditation, not the other way around.

AMLY: Is there anything you must have, or do on a daily basis? 

Olivia: I’m a fresh air fiend.

AMLY: What is your favourite scent in nature. Does it grow in your garden?

Olivia: Any seasonal natural scent, like the smell of a Gardenia, or a hyacinth in a pot mid-winter, mossy dampness on a lawn or an old rose in summertime.

AMLY: Can you tell us your favourite AMLY products and how you enjoy using them?

Olivia: SLEEP TIGHT is my favourite. It has a natural scent that dissipates. It isn’t overbearing. It has become a sleep aid for me. 


Olivia Harrison is a multi-faceted artist, philanthropist, filmmaker and author. She co-produced the Grammy award-winning film of the 2002 Concert For George which she organised in memory of her late husband George Harrison. Olivia also received an Emmy for Outstanding Nonfiction Special from the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences in 2012 for her role as producer on the Martin Scorsese directed documentary: George Harrison: Living in the Material World. Olivia is a producer on the award winning The Beatles: Get Back.

Olivia is also director of the Material World Foundation, a charity set up by George Harrison in 1973, overseeing the Foundation’s ongoing work in encouraging and promoting the exploration of alternate and diverse forms of artistic expression, and philosophies.


Her newly released book of poetry “Came The Lightening” is a powerful dive into the heart of love, loss, grief and the flow of time. Accompanied by a carefully curated collection of mementos and previously unseen photographs, it’s a rare gift encapsulating the nature of humanity, and above all, love. You can buy a copy of her book here.


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